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• 200+ points of distribution

• YOUR AD won’t get lost on page 4-Section B. It is right alongside the trivia, making it impossible to miss YOUR ad. Tidbits is a break from the news of the regular media. No bad news, just fun facts. Our readers take the paper home to share with family and friends. The price is right to get your ad in front of the right people-OFTEN!

• Tidbits Media Inc’s Market Research* shows that 3.7 people read each copy of Tidbits

• Distributed in grocery stores, restaurants, fast-food restaurants, coffee shops, offices, banks, hair salons,auto repair shops, tire stores, motels, medical & dental waiting rooms, government offices, retail stores, etc.

• Wherever people wait and are looking for something to read...it is our goal to have a Tidbits paper there with the latest edition of fun, facts, games and YOUR AD!

• Tidbits is the River Valley’s only weekly publication dedicated to wholesome entertainment and promotion of businesses and events in the entire region. It’s distributed to over 200 locations and expanding for more coverage & has a readership of over 30,000 (including 3500 plus online readers) each week.